Why  Opticus

We’ve specialized in glacier/prescription sport glasses for over 35 years and done more prescription Julbo, Altice, Liberty and other glacier/sport frames than anybody in the industry. For those with challenging prescriptions, Opticus continues to develop and improve our own RX friendly Altice Sport Optics line offering relaxed wrap to flat curves.  Check out our new Monte Vista Sport, looks, comfort and function! We also produce: prescription ski glasses and anti-fog goggle inserts, prescription rock climbing glasses, (Check out the new Ski-Rocket lens !) prescription bike/cycle glasses, prescription running glasses,prescription fishing glasses, prescription golf/tennis glasses(See the all new BRG Agressor lens!) and even our own equivalent to most of  Julbo’s  RX Packages, not just in single vision, but in progressives too.  With few exceptions everything is still done in house.   So much has changed over the years and so much has remained the same.  Check out our website, still very easy to navigate…questions…dont hesitate!