Why  Opticus

Here at Opticus we’ve dedicated ourselves to making specialized glacier and extreme exposure prescription eyewear for more than 30 years.  We began customizing prescription glacier glasses for Antarctic expeditions conducted by the Bureau of Standards back in the 80′s.  We’ve grown to facilitate prescription sunglasses for a broad range of uses.   We’ve put more prescriptions into Julbo and other Glacier/Sport frames than any other supplier and we know what works and what doesn’t.   Wraps look cool but they don’t work for everybody even with today’s digital correction techniques.  That’s why Opticus has continued to develop and improve our own RX friendly Altice Sport Optics line offering moderate curves and even some flatter alternatives for those with challenging prescriptions. Check with Opticus for: prescription ski glasses, prescription bike/motorcycle glasses, prescription running glasses,prescription kayak/sailing glasses,prescription fishing glasses,prescription golf/tennis glasses and more.