Why  Opticus

We’ve specialized in glacier/prescription sport glasses for over 30 years and done more prescription Julbo and other glacier/sport frames than anybody in the industry. For those with challenging prescriptions, Opticus continues to develop and improve our own RX friendly Altice Sport Optics line offering moderate to flat curves. But now we also make: prescription ski goggles and anti-fog goggle inserts, prescription climbing sunglasses, prescription bike/motorcycle glasses, prescription running glasses, prescription kayak/sailing glasses, prescription fishing glasses, prescription golf/tennis glasses and even our own equivalent to the very popular  Julbo NXT RX Packages, not just in single vision, but in progressive powers as well.  Please do keep in mind that due to the special requirements involved in assembling this material,  completion times can increase dramatically as can costs.  Ours still remain some of the most competitive you’ll find.