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It’s a common problem says Fred Seitzman, President of Opticus Inc.  You’re all psyched to get fitted with those cool looking Oakley’s or Julbos or Smith.  You’ve heard all the hype about how digital wrap compensation takes all the distortion out of the curve, etc, etc, etc…and then you catch the small print…only available up to a -4.oo diopter total.  That’s really not a lot considering your prescription is a -6.00 in the right and -5.50 -1.25 in the left.  So you try a few more brands and up pops the same story.  The problem is that even with digital wrap compensation there’s a limit to how much the effect of curvature can be compensated for with every technical trick in the book and as that prescription increases, the limit is quickly reached.  Unfortunately there has been little improvement in this area over the last ten years.

So what can you do?  You can start by dropping the idea that all sport glasses have to be wrapped.  If you approach the issue from a relax the curve standpoint, you will start to find options that do work for those with higher eyeglass prescriptions.  Julbo still offers their Micropore, one of the most durable, longest lasting glacier frames on the market and their virtually wrap free, though the throwback leather side shields still do an excellent job of protecting from the elements.  An additional advantage to this approach, is that the leather can be removed in warmer or damper conditions, allowing more ventilation than a complete wrap.  Altice, a relative newcomer to the sport glass market, offers the Venture, a more updated style that kind of pretends to wrap the lenses, but actually there’s little curvature and virtually all prescriptions are welcome.  Another option is the Altice Eclipse, a plastic throwback to the original round look.  It also accommodates virtually all powers.  Another manufacturer that offers a couple of somewhat prescription forgiving sport glass options is Liberty Sport.  Consider their Rider especially if your face tends to be a bit on the wider side.  Pictured below are Rider,Eclipse,Venture and Micropore in that order.

Above all, ask before simply sticking your higher prescription into a pair of wrapped sport glasses.  I’d like to say that all opticians know what their doing, but unfortunately that’s not the case.  Should somebody promise it’s going to work, get a “what if it doesn’t?”  I guarantee you…sometimes it won’t.

LG Liberty Rider - Bronze2 LG Eclipse - Black+Black2 MED Venture Large - Pewter+Orange Micropore nickel