Special Lens Treatments


Stacks Image 1482NXT/TRIVEX and POLYCARB are resin-polycarbonate and pure polycarbonate materials available in  limited filter options. They afford increased impact resistance and roughly a 20% reduction in thickness over more conventional materials, however colors, densities of tint and prescription powers are limited.  These materials can require more production time and additional costs.    They’re definitely not for everybody!  Inquire and we will be happy to weigh pros, cons, availability and costs.


Stacks Image 778Stacks Image 780Opticus can fit most glacier frames with prescriptions but some lenses can present challenges to proper side shield attachment as well as proper insertion into sport frames featuring sharp curves and narrow grooves. Opticus addresses these obstacles with two ROUTING  techniques called Chamfering and Step Beveling. These processes involving special wheels and bits, correct the lens profile for a trouble free fit. – The cost is $30 per pair, if needed.


antifogA longer lasting anti-fog substrate can be applied to most lenses.  Functioning  like a “magnet”, this coating allows anti fog coats to last longer and more efficiently. A “refresher” is included and should be applied once a month according to instructions. Heavy exposure to water can require an additional refresher treatment to rejuvenate the anti-fog function. Is this a perfect answer to fogging? No, it simply helps to mitigate this nuisance to a more acceptable level.   Note: Some single vision clear prescriptions such as those in our ski goggle adaptors, are available using a coating that requires no refresher.  When available, we will utilize this product and a refresher will not be included.       Cost $60


Stacks Image 1556The  curvature of sport wrapped frames can drastically effect prescriptions beyond the effect of more traditional frames. A DIGITALLY COMPENSATED lens utilizes computer driven aspheric power modifications to decrease peripheral distortion and increase the area of optimum visual clarity. This process is available in prescriptions totaling over -2.50 to -4.00 in 8 base wrap frames.   Prescriptions beyond this point cannot be wrap compensated and thus require a more moderately curved frame.   Cost  $100