Sierra Polar

Cat  86% density (14% VLT) (Standard 80% also available) Polarizing offers relatively glare-free vision. The amber-brown base provides good flexibility in varying lighting conditions, from hazy to sunny. Ideal for driving, leisurely hiking, bright exposure fishing and other outdoor activities. FISHERMAN’S CHOICE Polarizing is NOT recommended where accurate judgement of surfaces and terrain is critical (jumping crevasses, hanging from ropes). Polarizing can cause some LCD displays to black out.

See also: Sierra

Learn more about special lens treatments such as routing, material type, and anti-fog.

 SINGLE VISION: RESIN $209  POLY/NXT  $259 ( 20% thinner) 

 PROGRESSIVE:  RESIN $279 POLY/NXT  $329( 20% thinner) 





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