JULBO EXPLORER (the original!)


We are delighted to announce that we have acquired a good supply of the original Explorer in the black with blk/lime side shields only. We feel this design offers some benefits specifically to prescription wearers. SIZE 61-11 REMOVABLE PLASTIC SIDESHIELDS 6 BASE MODERATE CURVE ADJUSTABLE TEMPLE TIPS PRESCRIPTION AVAILABILITY LOW/MODERATE COLOR: BLACK/LIME ONLY

Blue Tundra

Blue tundra

Cat 4 92-93% density (7-8% VLT, 100% UV A B C)  The amber pigment base is dense and comfortable, but still retains enough contrast to enhance visibility in hazier or overcast environments. Blue Mirror – A/R Back prevents rapid pigment fading.    Learn more about special lens treatments such as routing, material type, and anti-fog…. Read more »



CAT 4 92-93% density (7-8% VLT, 100% UV ABC)  The amber base is dense and comfortable, slightly more neutral than it’s Blue Tundra counterpart.  Silver Mirror-A/R back prevents rapid pigment fading. Serious high altitude protection.  Learn more about our  special lens treatments such as routing, material type and anti-fog.   SINGLE VISION RESIN $239  … Read more »


orbiter2lrg pic

Features wide lens for excellent peripheral vision. Ventilated air flow shield helps mitigate fogging. Dual soft comfort foam. Adjustable silicone strap in combination with extended outriggers fits a variety of helmets. AVAILABLE BLACK ONLY Photochromic Zebra lens Cat 2-4(shown above pic) $200  Photochromic Snow Tiger lens Cat 2-3(skiers choice) $220 Also availble with Rx adaptor($20)see below…prescription… Read more »

Altice MonteVista


Relaxed sport wrap, ample protection without a side shield Features flexible rubber/ethylene center piece for added comfort Soft grip temples Base 8 sport lip requires Step Bevel Prescription Edge ($25) Size 61-16 Accomodates single vision prescriptions up to a total -3.00.  POLY/NXT lenses required. Colors    Dark Charcoal Gray

Liberty Piston


Medium profile sport wrap Removable magnetic side shields Comfort grip silicone bridge Ajustable temple tips with sport strap Size 60-21 Base 6 Colors  Matte Black, Matte Charcoal Very similar to Julbo’s Bivouak but with a bit more relaxed curvature,  allowing for a wider range of prescription acceptance.

Circuit RX


Lightweight performance sport wrap Silicone molded temples for added comfort Rx Adaptors for higher prescriptions Zipper carrying case and sport strap Fits small to average faces Size 54-22 6 Base Color Black $109 See LENSES for prescription prices.  

Bling Motorcycle


-Foam gasket seals out the elements and conforms to face                                                         -Adjustable sport strap –Vented 6 base adaptor Rxable for most prescriptions(call for details) –Deluxe carrying case -$129……..Rx… Read more »



    Single Bar Brown 51-18    

CETRU 1181


Single Bar Brown 49-19  



Single Bar Brown 52-18



Cat 3+   88-90% density ( 10-12% VLT) This mid contrast amber-brown filter is considered a marginal glacier density lens. It offers good flexibility from bright and clear to hazier conditions. This lens is also available as the Sierra Polar which will reduce glare further, but is not recommended where ropes or jumping crevasses are employed…. Read more »



Cat 3+  88-90% density (10-12% VLT) This relatively neutral gray-green filter is considered a marginal glacier density lens. It offers truer perception, but is less forgiving in hazier or lower light conditions offering less detail than amber-brown options. This lens is also available as the Malachite Polar which will reduce glare further, but is not… Read more »



 Reaches a Cat 4 glacier density of 92%-93% (8%VLT) at full darkening. This filter is photochromic starting at a 65% density in lower light and transitioning to full glacier density in cooler, brighter conditions. An excellent extreme exposure lens with some flexibility for other applications such as driving or more pedestrian activities. CAUTION! Very cold… Read more »

Silver Frog


Cat 4 92-93% density (7-8%VLT) This filter is very bright light dedicated with little tolerance for flatter light or overcast conditions. The relatively neutral character of it’s pigment keeps color perception truer…better for desert applications than higher altitude.  Learn more about special lens treatments such as routing, material type, and anti-fog.   SINGLE VISION RESIN $239… Read more »

Fog Tech


– Simply paint a thin, wet coat on the back of lens and let dry -Solution continues to work even in very cold conditions (up to -20F) -Technically each packet is single use, but if the application cloth is not allowed to evaporate mutiple use is possible

Microfiber Lens Cloth


Microfiber lens cleaning cloth. Quick easy cleaning on the go. No soap, no water…no problem.



-Thermal foam material -Adjustable- Velcro closure -One size fits most

BeKo Nose Guard


Bēko is a lightweight breathable nose protector  that works well in both hot and cold climates; it generally fits most sunglass styles and protects your nose from the harmful effects of the sun, frost, and wind. Color: Blk Large size only

Sierra Polar


Cat 3  86% density (14% VLT) (Standard 80% also available) Polarizing offers relatively glare-free vision. The amber-brown base provides good flexibility in varying lighting conditions, from hazy to sunny. Ideal for driving, leisurely hiking, bright exposure fishing and other outdoor activities. FISHERMAN’S CHOICE Polarizing is NOT recommended where accurate judgement of surfaces and terrain is critical (jumping crevasses,… Read more »