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1. Frames/Goggles   Fill in frame/goggle information.   Choose ours or supply your own.



Color (if applicable)

Size (if applicable)

2. Lenses   Enter your choice from the list below.   Questions about the appropriate filter? Just call!

Altitude Extreme: Blue Tundra, Silver Frog, McKinley
Altitude Marginal Glacier: Sierra, Malachite
Outdoor Sport: Blue Tundra RS, Crimson Flash, McKinley RS, Ski-Rocket
Outdoor Sport Polarized: Azure Reflex, Chrome Reflex, Polar Sierra, Polar Malachite, Photo Polar XSport, Photo-polar Bronze

Filter Choice:

3. Lens Material

We regret that due to diminishing materials and skyrocketing costs glass has been discontinued.

4. Prescription and PD (distance between eyes)   Both are necessary to fabricate lenses

Incorrect prescriptions supplied by customer or doctor will be remade at a 50% discount


O.D. Right Sphere:
O.D. Right Cylinder:
O.D. Right Axis:
O.D. Right BIF/PROG ADD (if applicable):
O.D. Right P.D.:
O.D. Right Prism (if applicable):


O.S. Left Sphere:
O.S. Left Cylinder:
O.S. Left Axis:
O.S. Left BIF/PROG ADD (if applicable):
O.S. Left P.D.:
O.S. Left Prism (if applicable):

5. Accessories


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