Antarctic Package

Antarctic Package

Since 1978, Opticus has specialized in high altitude glacier glasses. Our 87% density gray or brown Polarized lenses have 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection in compliance with Antarctic Exposure requirements.


Standard complete frame and lens packages:
-Single Vision: $239
-Progressive: $319
-Non-RX: $129

– All featured frames have removable side shields and adjustable temples.
– When ordering we strongly encourage you to call 800-870-5557 and discuss your order.

Most of the gear you don’t actually get until you show up at Christchurch. But, there’s an important piece that you’ll need right away. Bona fide Antarctic Glacier Goggles (okay, “glacier glasses”, technically, but “goggles” sounds better for some reason). I recommend that you use Opticus, which has a line of six or so fashionable styles that are designed to prevent your baby blues from getting fried by Antarctic photons. They have names like “Sherpa” and “Venture” and “Eclipse” and now that your employer no longer reimburses for this item, it’s important to know that OPTICUS has a much better price than most suppliers!… I think the consensus is the “Altice Chullo,” as soon as I’ve made sure that “Chullo” doesn’t translate to “penguin bait” in any known language. quote-left
-David Cohn wearing the “Altice Chullo” at the South Pole.
See posts from David’s time in Antarctica over on his blog!david-cohn-antarctic

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