Pamela Pack

Pamela Pack Pamela was a competitive gymnast before discovering rock climbing on an Outward Bound course at 18. She loves all styles of climbing, but quickly became obsessed with offwidth climbing (Climbing Dictionary: A wide, off-sized crack too big for fist jams yet too narrow to be a squeeze chimney. Off-widths are generally 4 to 12 inches wide and require hand-fist stacks, kneebars, Leavittation, etc.) Her greatest passion is establishing FAs of hard inverted style offwidths. She climbs primarily in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming, but will be exploring big wall climbing in Yosemite National Park, Calif., in 2015. She also loves ice-fishing with her brother in Montana, exploring the desert, writing about her adventures and experiences as a climber, and training for climbing through weight lifting, plyometric training, and, especially, Pilates.


Favorite Opticus Sunglasses:
Chullo, Panorama, Polarized lenses

Sports Pamela excels at:
Climbing, Pilates, yoga, trail running, hiking, snowshoeing, dog-sledding, ice-fishing and sea-kayaking.

What she does for a living:
Rock climbs, writes articles, occasionally works as a hydrographic surveyor in the Bering Sea.

Goals & Dreams:
Pamela wants to continue seeking out and establishing hard offwidths throughout the United States, and she hopes to climb the test-piece offwidths in Europe and Japan in the near future. She’s also a trained Pilates Instructor who hopes to specialize in sports performance and sports injury rehabilitation with an emphasis on climbers. She aspires to someday have a PhD in Exercise Physiology and to write a book about offwidth history.

How friends describe her:
Passionate, obsessed, compassionate, empathetic, smart and analytical. Innocent is the maybe not the right word, but she has a very positive view of people, charming, weird, Sci-Fi addict.

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