Kendra Stritch

Kendra Stritch

Photo courtesy of Kendra Stritch.

Kendra doesn’t climb to get to the top, scare herself, find clarity, or beat the mountains. She climbs to have a good time. “I’m passionate about having fun and sharing the fun with others,” she says. “I share with others through online media, festivals, clinics, mentorships, photography, and general friendliness wherever I go.” Kendra aspires to advance the sport of ice climbing. “I believe that climbing creates a wonderful community of support, confidence, environmental stewardship, determination, and many other characteristics.” Kendra has been a competitive athlete since age 9. She has really kicked butt lately in world speed climbing competitions.

Favorite Opticus Sunglasses:
Kineo, Venture, Polarized lenses

Sports Kendra excels at:
Competition ice climbing, trad climbing, alpine climbing, sport climbing, ice climbing, mixed climbing, drytooling, bouldering, downhill skiing, scuba diving & snorkeling  (basically all climbing minus aid climbing)

What she does for a living:
Business development and manufacturing quality systems; develop outdoor education curricula for Peak Stratagem

Goals & Dreams:
Share the outdoors with more people and help them become more competent and confident in outdoor travel. more travel around the world to experience new cultures and places

Kendra describes herself as:
Friendly, energetic, genuine

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