Jason Nelson

Jason Nelson. Photo by Ryan Vachon

Photo by Ryan Vachon

Jason Nelson is a jack of all trades, who excels at rock, ice, and mixed climbing. He has put up first ascents throughout the American West and in Alaska. At 6’4, he’s a big guy with a big presence. You’ll find him competing (and often placing) at ice climbing competitions around the country. Jason currently lives out of his RV with his wife, Lisa, and in addition to the full spectrum of climbing activities, he loves kayaking, trail running, mountain biking skiing, snowboarding, canyoneering, and taking really amazing photos.


Favorite Opticus Sunglasses:
Durango (silver/black), Chullos, Photo Polar Bronze lenses

Sports Jason excels at:
Climbing, Mountain Biking, Running, Paddling, Canyoneering

What he does for a living:
Designer, Guide

Goals & Dreams:
Used to be a pro climber, and photographer/designer.  I’ve sort of accomplished those goals however, and now I’m working to re-invent myself.  I’d still like to be a pro-climber/adventurer.

How Jason describes himself as:
I’m a big tall strong creative guy that has an insatiable appetite for adventure.

What’s special about your life?
My wife Lisa and I, no strangers to living life on our own terms, recently sold our houses, gave/sold/donated most of our possessions, and moved into an RV full time.  We really liked the idea of the tiny house movement, but didn’t know where we wanted to live.  Now, we’re always close to home, and home can be wherever we want.

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