Chris Wright

Chris Wright

Chris Wright

A longtime customer and regular wearer of prescription glacier glasses, Chris Wright claims he’s “not exactly amazing at any one discipline.” However, our youngest athlete puts up first ascents of alpine and ice climbing routes around North America and is one of only a few hundred American Mountain Guides (IFMGA guides in the United States). “Mountains are made of snow ice and rocks, and I’m pretty happy on most any combination of those things you can come up with,” he says. “…but the climbs that really turn me on are the ones that combine everything.”

Favorite Opticus Sunglasses:

Sports Chris excels at:
Rock, ice, mixed, snow climbing.

What he does for a living:
American Mountain Guide/IFMGA guide, who works in the French, Swiss and Italian Alps, the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway, the Canadian Rockies, and the Pacific Northwest.

Goals & Dreams:
To be happy and satisfied. ☺ But also “to keep coming back to the high mountains to do new routes on new peaks… to know I’m growing as a climber and as a person and the big climbs are really just a reflection of that… to get back to Nepal a few more times, Pakistan and Patagonia, and the Eiger Nordwand.

How he describes himself:
Quiet, introverted, inspired by quiet heroes and adventurers. Bookish.

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