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fan-img2“I highly recommend I bought some prescription glacier glasses from them a few months ago. They had great service and did a great job. The glasses were cheaper than my sunglasses from Lenscrafters. I have a tricky prescription because I had one retina surgically re-attached. I also have a bifocal grind (because I’m an old fogie). Go with Opticus.”

-Chris Owen

Author of “Urban Rock – Stoney Point Bouldering and Top-Roping”

“Opticus is the company to go to for prescription glacier glasses or goggles. I’ve got two pairs of glacier sunglasses and a pair of prescription goggles. Contacts are difficult at best at higher altitude and/or intense cold. I’m shy of legally blind, so they were super helpful with customizing frames for me. Also, I’ve tried the OTG method before with goggles and it fogs up super quickly, so if you’re doing anything remotely active, it’ll be a bummer.”

-Micah Lewkowitz

Mountain Guide for Alpine Ascents International and Utah Mountain Adventures
Check out his website at

“Most of the gear, you don’t get until you actually show up in Christchurch. But, there’s an important piece that you’re allowed to get right away. Bona fide Antarctic Glacier Goggles (okay, “glacier glasses”, technically, but “goggles” sounds better for some reason). The USAP recommends that you use Opticus, who have a line of six or so fashionable styles that are designed to prevent your baby blues from getting fried by Antarctic photons. They have names like “Sherpa” and “Venture” and “Eclipse” … I think the consensus is the “Altice Chullo” as soon as I’ve made sure that “Chullo” doesn’t translate to “penguin bait” in any known language.”

-David Cohn

Antarctic employee receiving frames from Opticus as part of our Antarctic Support Package. Check out photos and posts from David’s time spent working in Antarctica over on his blog!

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