Yeah, I know the lens companies always discouraged adding more tint to polarized lenses, but we did it anyway and our especially photosensitive customers loved it! Well, like so many other really cool products, new processes that cut costs at the expense of quality, have pretty much guaranteed us that this lifesaver for those who need it, is gone. Thinner, crummier polarizing sheets warp and shrivel in the rigors of a hot dye tank, while mirror coatings that once added ten to fifteen percentage points of density, now do little more than enhance the style quotient. We’ve tried everything here at Opticus with little success.
What we recommend for those who need a really dark lens is to try to avoid polarizing. Non polarized lenses can be tinted at higher temperatures and for  longer periods with little risk of warping, peeling, puckering, crazing, etc., and the darker the lens, the less need for polarizing,  as so much glare is being filtered out simply by the fact that the lens is so dark. Additionally dyes added to non polarized lenses are less prone to leaching out in the mirror process.
So, here’s to shedding a little light on the problem of too much of it. Good luck! Fred Seitzman Opticus Inc